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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hebron’s mission?+-

The name "Hebron" means the city that is blessed by God. The goal of Hebron is to create a caring community where students can become socially rehabilitated, learn to care after both their bodies and minds, and learn that God loves them. At the same time, all of this develops with valuable IT skills that will enable students to have a career and change their position in society. This project is about recognizing the potential of every human being. It is about providing opportunities to allow high-potential students to become productive members of society. It is about breaking cycles of poverty that could create the next generation of orphans. It is about creating the next generation of generous and productive people. who will help along future students instead.

What motivates those people who give their time and money to the Hebron Academy?+-

The Hebron Project was founded and is sustained by people who find that this project is a natural reaction to God’s love and many blessings in our lives. We are God-Believers from various Christian backgrounds. It is our humble intention to try to follow the teachings of Jesus in our lives, and to follow the ancient command from the Bible found in Micah 6:8 to “Do Justice, Love Kindness, Walk Humbly with your God.” It is our belief that the most effective way to teach people about Jesus is often not so much in words, but in living out our love through action and service to others. We strive to respect every person, to love them where they are, to give selflessly. This is what we believe it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Hebron students are always invited to attend church with leaders, but are never required to do so. We love them and work to help them regardless of their professed beliefs.

How long has Hebron been in existence?+-

Hebron IT Academy for Young Men was opened in fall of 2016. Hebron IT Academy for Young Women was opened in fall of 2017. The program is a two-year study, focusing on mind, body, and spirit. The goal is that one generation of students will become the next generation of teachers, mentors, and sponsors. We are hopeful that using this model, Hebron may become a self-sustaining program within a few years.

Why study IT?+-

The IT (Information technology) Sphere is one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing professions in Ukraine. In order to become an IT professional, education is required. Orphans and Underprivileged youth are often caught in cycles of poverty; there is no money for such education, and without proper training, they will not be able to become productive and self-sufficient adults. It is our hope and our belief that with proper training, many of these youth can become very productive and helpful members of society.

Why is Lviv a good location for Hebron?+-

Lviv is one of the Eastern Europe's leaders in software exports, with expected sector growth of 20%. There are dozens of local IT companies in Lviv. It has been listed in trade articles as one of the most promising cities for outsourcing. Over 25% of all IT specialists in Ukraine work in Lviv.

How can Hebron be compared to Trade Schools in Ukraine?+-

Hebron is not a government sponsored trade school, and receives absolutely no government funding. Hebron Academy is a registered non-profit organization, and is sustained through private donations. Every student’s situation is unique. There are many bureaucratic processes to work through, and we try to work directly with students in whatever way makes sense for them. If a student is enrolled in trade school and wishes to come to Hebron, we work directly with the student and trade school director to ensure that we are working within the system and following rules while also helping to maximize the opportunities for each student.

Where do Hebron’s students come from?+-

Hebron Academy accepts students of age 18 and older, from socially disadvantaged backgrounds all over Ukraine. Many of our students are from the Eastern regions of Ukraine where they have been exposed to war zones and economically dire situations. Because there are such difficult life situations in Eastern regions, we focus much of our recruiting in these areas to provide opportunities where they are most needed. Most of our students are aged out orphans, and some are underprivileged youth whose families are unable to provide them with educational funding.

Is Hebron right for all students? What is the application process?+-

Hebron is not the right path for all students. Students who will do well at Hebron will enjoy studying math, sciences, engineering, physics, and computers. Students who will adapt well to life at Hebron will be willing to follow a clean lifestyle based on Christian values, follow rules, study a lot, and work as a team within the Hebron family. New students will visit Hebron for a one-month testing period to see if the school and community is the right fit for them. At that time, if accepted, there is a student contract that is signed, agreeing to follow rules and eventually contribute a portion of two year salary to support the next generation of students. There are many wonderful non-profit programs that work to support aged-out orphans and under-privileged youth in Ukraine. Hebron seeks to serve those who have an aptitude for careers in the IT sector. We are very happy to network with other such programs in various spheres to share experiences and refer students between programs to find the best fit for each person. If you believe that Hebron may be the school for you or someone you know, please contact us by emailing, itacademyfororphans@gmail.com OR by calling Evgeniy Moiseev at +38 063 01 01 797

Why do students sometimes leave Hebron? What happens to student when they leave Hebron before completing their education?+-

One of our former students Ruslan posted in our FB Hebron group in Ukrainian, but I really wanted to share his message with my English-speaking friends. He talks about his feelings about how even though Hebron was not for him, he is still glad for the time he spent with us. Below is the translation of his post. "I was one of the students in Hebron at the very beginning. I am 20 y.o., an orphan from Kharkov oblast. I like this school, however I found out that programming is not for me. It was hard for me to grasp the logical thinking required to do programming. I decided that for now I was not able to study and left the school on my own will. Despite that, my life after Hebron changed a lot. I started to read more books, play more chess, improved my skills and my mental capacity. In my orphanage I almost never studied since no one motivated me to do that. Hebron motivates me. I miss it and I hope to return. Such project is very important for us, graduate orphans. We all want good living. I can envy the boys who are there now, who can manage the studies, and who are on their way to good future. I hope I’ll see you soon, I miss you all!” Like Ruslan mentions in his posts, programming is not for everyone, but Hebron’s values and life lessons follow him even as he leaves Hebron. We have Rules, Christian Values, High Standards for Character, and a Strong Work Ethic. There are some rules and expectations that many students might not want to follow. After giving them a choice to follow or not, and considering each student’s situation, some leave us, and some later decide to return and study with us again. We are all ok with this; it is part of the journey. Of course, we want them all to stay, but they are young men with free will, and ultimately they have to make their own choices in life. We try to keep in touch with those students who leave us, and continue to encourage them in their journeys. Every person’s path is different, and we are thankful that God has blessed us to touch their lives in special ways.

Where does Hebron’s funding come from?+-

Hebron is a non-profit organization that is funded through private donations.

How can I help?+-

- Financial Donations. All donations (one-time or recurring) are much appreciated and will be used 100% to benefit the students.
- Sponsor a student.
- Donate gently used equipment (projectors, laptops, mobile phones, etc.)
- Visit us
- Mentor our students.
- Pray for us.

Sponsoring a student… What does this involve?+-

- Hebron students have all of their basic needs covered (food, shelter, clothing, education, stipend) during their two-year course of study.
- The actual total cost per month for upkeep of one student is approximately $400. However, thanks to a generous sponsor of the school, we have been able to keep sponsorship amounts between $300/month for each student.
- Sponsors may be an individual, a family, a small group, or a church community. All that is required is to donate a monthly fee to help pay for the student’s education, and then develop a relationship with that student via Facebook or email. Our students love having friends in America or other countries who care for them and are interested in their progress! Developing such a friendship is a blessing to all involved!
- The sponsorship fees go to help pay teacher salaries, living expenses, food, and each students receives a stipend of $50/month to help pay for their cel phone and other incidental expenses.
- The stipend is given to students throughout the month in two portions of $25 each. This is similar to the stipend that students receive in government-sponsored trade schools. Each student gives a small portion of their stipend to the group treasury that is used by the student leaders to buy bread for each meal. The remainder of the money may be spent as needed on various things they need. This process enables students to have a little spending money, and to practice responsible management of money.

What is the relationship between Hebron Academy and Hebron Cluster?+-

Hebron Academy is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that strives to provide older orphans with the ability to get education and practical skills in one of the best and most promising spheres in the world, Information Technologies. Hebron Cluster is a social entrepreneurship, an independent software company, that can be a source of employment for Hebron Academy's graduates. Many students in Hebron Academy wish to get practical experience and get employed right after graduation or even after a year or two of studying. Students and graduates are given a choice to continue to Hebron Cluster, but it is not required for every student at Hebron Academy to eventually become employed by Hebron Cluster. However, once they start working in Hebron Cluster, they are required to sign a contract with company's rules to follow corporate culture, like in any other company. It is the hope that knowing a good job is likely to be available after graduation will encourage students to complete their studies. As a social entrepreneurship company, Hebron Cluster will: Hire at least 50% employees who are from a socially disadvantaged background. Directs 20% or more of its income towards the needs of any social project. In our case, it is Hebron Academy. This is one of our hopes to make Hebron Academy self-sustaining program within a few years.

What financial reports are available?+-

First year: front-end development (web development, including web content development, web design, client-side/server-side coding, database technology, network security configuration). Second year: back-end development (using server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, .Net, etc, to build an application, as well as tools like MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc, to save, find, change data to serve it back to the user in front-end code) Third year: IoT development (Internet of Things) (creating IoT devices, small computers embedded in an object or device, and the software that makes it run. It involves big data analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, among other tools and techniques)

How to know, where the donations go?+-

Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Expense reports are available upon request. When donations are made for specific projects (such as renovating the home or grounds), receipts and photos are available to demonstrate how the donation was used.

Why is Hebron Academy such a unique and revolutionary project for orphans and underprivileged young people in Ukraine?+-

First of all, this organization's setup is unique. Students live and study in one huge building. There are no bad influence and temptations are absent. All these circumstances create good conditions for study process and faster progress. There is always someone else near you who know more in another area or in general and can support in this or that academic topic. Students work often as one team and help each other. Meanwhile, we also try to surround them with successful people, strong Christians.

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To form society’s leaders based on Christian values. These leaders will possess high quality skills in High Tech profession. These young people come from underprivileged social circles


To be the center of innovative education among orphans and underprivileged youth. It will be combined with Biblical upbringing, online education and new resources