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Orest Buchma


My name is Orest Buchma. I was born in December 1998 in a small town in Lviv oblast, Ukraine. I come from a family with many kids, a foster family with 10 children now. My father was disabled after Chernobyl disaster. After 9th grade, I wanted to start trade school. But after medical testing, doctors discovered heart disease and I spent 6 months in hospital, so I graduated school earlier. I found out about Hebron through my parents' friends. I am very happy to be here because there is everything to make me succeed in life, including a professional developer.

  • Grace Life Outreach
  • c/o Marc Ivanchak
  • 190 Seminole Lane, #302
  • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
  • Put "Hebron" in memo line