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Olexandra Butenko


I, Oleksandra "Sasha" Yuriivna Butenko , was born in Kherson, Ukraine, in 1993; now I am 24. When I was young, my parents left me. Until I was 6, I had lived in children's home, then I was sent to a boarding school, where I spent 10 years. I entered Kherson National Navy Academy, where I earn a degree of junior specialist in electromechanics. While I was studying, I met Nadiya who helped me find God. In 2013 I moved into a girls' center. I lived with three other girls. Our mentor Nadiya, who prepared us for independent life, cooked food with us, taught about God, and cared about us. On January 2, 2013, I let Jesus into my heart; on January 8, I was baptized. I've had bad times, but every day God made me happy. In 2014, Nadiya went to Kyrgystan to serve as a missionary to students, children, adults, and homeless people. As I had two months of free time, I decided to visit her to help. It was there that I understood that we all are different. There is a lot of abandoned people, but there is also people, who care for them, even when they are complete strangers. There is people, called missionaries, or just people, willing to give others what they have, and what I missed in childhood: support, someone to rely on, and faith in God, Father to all of us. I have no parents, who can raise me, feed or teach me. I have God, my Father, instead, who loves me, supports me, protects me and always is close to me. God gave me the opportunity to work in Christian cafe. I served in the church and sang in church chorus too. God blessed me with many talents in drawing and decorating; these are my hobbies and my free time activities. I want to realize myself in this sphere. This year I finished studying and had no clue where to move next... 1 ​​Corinthians​ ​1:30 ​​It is because of him that you are in Christ Jesus, who has become for us wisdom from God—that is, our righteousness, holiness and redemption. I was praying, leaving this decision to God. I was sure that I will get answer from Him. My Christian friends recommend moving to Lviv. The questions of where to live, study, and work quickly arose. All my friends could not answer me. I was starting to feel worried. Then Sergiy Nakonechnyy decided to help me. He introduced me to Ihor, who offered a place to live and study for me. That was the answer to my prayers. My dream is to become a web designer. I hope to get new knowledge, become a professional, obtain work, and serve God with my talents. I thank God for being kind to me and for His love!

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