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Alexey Litvinov


I, Alexey Litvinov, was born in November 1997, in Odessa, Ukraine. I have one older sister Julia. Our parents were alcoholics. I never knew my father; he died when I was 3 years old. Life was hard for us because my mother did not work; we lived on my grandmother's pension (of which they drank). After a while, people came to us to protect the rights of children and took us to a shelter. I was so small that I do not remember everything that happened, or I just do not want to remember it. We were transported to a boarding school in Severodonetsk, Lugansk oblast. I was 4 years old. I went to kindergarten and my sister went to the third grade. I studied there through tenth grade. Then the war began , and because of danger from military operations, we had to move back to Odessa oblast. There I studied for a year at Ananiv boarding school [about 180 km north of Odessa]. I entered the cooking vocation in Teplodar [near Odessa]. I liked this location, there I learned a lot. I studied there for a year and a half, practiced, and worked in different eateries (pizzerias, restaurants, and even canteens).

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