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Ihor Melnyk

impoverished family

My name is Ihor Melnik and I am 18 y.o. I was born and live in a small village in Lviv oblast, Ukraine. I came from a poor family and have many siblings. We do not have biological father. Recently I graduated from construction college. For the last 3 months I have been working as a furniture lifter. There have been many hard moments in my life. Our mother's ex-husband used to beat her up when he was drank. We had no money to live on. We lived from our land only. I have been dreaming to become a programmer for many years. Unfortunately, due to lack of money my mother has not been able to send me to programming college. Moreover, private courses are too expensive for me. For a long time I was not even able to buy a laptop for myself. Nevertheless, I studied a lot at home, read many books in programming. I bought unexpensive laptop which i started to use to create first games and animation. It is my dream to become professional developer. Unfortunately, no one shares my values and ideas in my village. My peers often laugh at me that I am crazy about computers. Sometimes I was even treated poorly and physically beaten. When I came to IT Academy 'Hebron', I understood that this is ideal place for me. Everyone here is welcoming and good-hearted. I feel respect and shared values between boys. I really liked how well everyone is treated and treat others. I am very lucky to be in this project! I can use all my potential here, I am understood and respected. I am very grateful because without this school I would not be able to become a programmer or get my dream job. I want to get a job and be able to help my younger siblings and my mom. God bless you for trying to help me!

  • Grace Life Outreach
  • c/o Marc Ivanchak
  • 190 Seminole Lane, #302
  • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
  • Put "Hebron" in memo line