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Vadim Nazarenko

Nova Kakhovka,orphan

My name is Vadim. I was born in Kherson oblast, Ukraine. First I lived with my birth mother and grandmother. In 2010, my mother was deprived of parental rights; my grandmother had health issues and was unable to care for me. I had another grandmother and six aunts, but no one wanted to care for me. So I was sent to Kakhovka orphanage "Happiness" where I lived for 5 years and completed high school. I entered New Kakhovka Polytechnic University as a programmer, but after my second semester I was dismissed because I missed many classes. After a month, I realized I made a huge mistake, but it was too late. I looked for a job without success as it is almost impossible for a graduate orphan to find a job without any skills. I had no place to stay and went to the village where my childhood friend lived to stay with him. I did not have any luck in developing or finding a job there either. So I decided to contact Jim King, founder of the ministry that supports our orphanage. He directed me to IT Academy Hebron. At first I doubted, but later I realized that this might be my last chance, a chance to become successful in life!

  • Grace Life Outreach
  • c/o Marc Ivanchak
  • 190 Seminole Lane, #302
  • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
  • Put "Hebron" in memo line