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Kiril Uvarov

Kramatorsk, an orphan

I am Kyril Uvarov, born in April 1999, in Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. I grew up in my family alone; I have no brothers or sisters. My father was imprisoned for theft and died in 2015 of tuberculosis. In 2008, the day before my ninth birthday, my mother died of a post-surgical infection in a hospital. I found out by overhearing my grandmother speaking on the phone about it. I was sad and I cried a lot. I started skipping school and studying poorly. Special services came to our home and took me to a shelter; then I was transferred to a boarding school in the Donetsk oblast where I studied from fourth grade onward for six years. Now the Malone family in the USA sponsors me and told me about Hebron Academy where I have enrolled. In the future, I want to become a mentor for new Hebron students and teach professional master classes. For me, the greatest gift is to see a smile on a person I am helping.

  • Grace Life Outreach
  • c/o Marc Ivanchak
  • 190 Seminole Lane, #302
  • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
  • Put "Hebron" in memo line