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Ihor Vakal

Kramatorsk (an orphan)

I, Igor Vokal, was born in August 1995, in Kramatorsk, Donetsk oblast, Ukraine. In my family were two children, me and my younger sister Rita. Our parents were alcoholics; our dad was a thief and for that he was imprisoned when I was 5 years old. It became harder for us to live; we often were hungry. After about a year, our mother told us that she was going with our godfather to an apricot orchard. She never returned home. After five days, we went into Rytipo village and asked to eat. After that, neighbors called the police and we were taken to a shelter where we spent a year. We were transferred to the boarding school in Amvrosiivka [in southeastern Donetsk oblast]. There I studied for 8 years. Believers visited to us and spoke about God. When I was 15 years old, I went to study at Kramatorsk School №42 [nothern Donetsk]. There I became addicted to narcotic tablets and drank more often. Although I lost purpose and joy in my life, God did not forget and did not leave me. Once I was invited to church for the Harvest Festival (thanksgiving), where I heard about God again. After some time, I attended a Christian camp where I really liked staying. Upon returning from the camp, my friend Vadik and I were invited to live in Maxim's family. We gladly agreed. Now I have a family, and I am grateful to God for His love for me. I aspire to become a true Christian. I believe that God guides my life and will never leave me. Thank you for your prayers for us, for this house, for the summer camp in Luzerne (Kherson oblast) where I first visited the sea. Thank God that my life began to change, the Lord helped me to quit smoking. I want to attend sound engineer courses at a church. My dream is to become a missionary and serve God with my whole life.

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