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Olexandr Yakovenko

Zhytomyr, orphan

Hi, my name is Yakovenko Olexandr. I was born on 23.04.1996 in Zhytomyr. At the age of 7 I started my first year in the school #19. I finished 3 years there. Then, in August my parents were disallowed to be parents because of alcohol abuse, and because they were not good father and mother in general. I was taken to the orphan house. After 2 months I was sent to the 4th orphanage were I stayed for 2 weeks. Right after that I was taken by a new family. And on 15 of November I finally continued my studies at school (though I lost 2,5 months), I was in the 4th grade. In 2012 I finished 9th year of my studies. After graduating from school I entered Zhytomyr automotive college of National Transport University, where I was able to study for free. From the May 28 of 2014 I live on my own. After 4 years of studies I realized that this field is not something I want to do in life. But I completed on June 26, 2016. I tried to enter Zhytomyr Agricultural University on contract but did not make it to the list of accepted. That's when I started to work in construction as a plasterer of machine application.

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