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Our Students

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Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to become our students. Boys often come and are not ready to change and study hard, quit bad habits and follow general rules. They cannot be accepted to Hebron. Fortunately, many boys successfully pass trial periods, prove that they are ready to change, become leaders, acquire valuable knowledge and skills of software programming.

Please, meet current and potential Hebrons students. Since we are charitable non-profit initiative, you will be able to find every students contact info on their personal page on the website; if needed, contact them and find comments about our social initiative directly from them.

  • Grace Life Outreach
  • c/o Marc Ivanchak
  • 190 Seminole Lane, #302
  • Cocoa Beach, FL 32931
  • Put "Hebron" in memo line



To form society’s leaders based on Christian values. These leaders will possess high quality skills in High Tech profession. These young people come from underprivileged social circles


To be the center of innovative education among orphans and underprivileged youth. It will be combined with Biblical upbringing, online education and new resources